Welcome to ScanWell Diagnostics

ScanWell Diagnostics provides to your patients highest quality of on-site medical diagnostic services monitoring and detecting deterioration of health.

We are New York based licensed mobile Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) company which is dedicated to provide the Highest Quality on-site screening for NCV/EMG, VNG, SSEP, EEG, DPA, Cardiac, Vascular, General Radiology and Obstetrical and Gynecological ultrasound testing.  We are providing doctors with quality diagnostic services using state of the art diagnostic equipment’s comparable to hospital. At ScanWell Diagnostics we use totally filmless digital PACS system; our results reflect the most accurate resolutions possible. Report turn-around time is within 24-48 hours completed by highly qualified board-certified Cardiologists, Neurologists and Radiologists which are available for future evaluation of  testing results.The cost of providing health care is escalating at an alarming rate. Its very important see your patient satisfaction which can make your practice more successful and profitable.

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